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Water Goddess face masks are now available for order while supplies last!  Water Goddess, like countless businesses around the world, have needed to shift their focus.  At first our owner, Asia began sewing a batch of masks to donate to Osceola Regional Hospital in Central Florida.  Then once the C.D.C. recommended that all of us should wear face masks while in public spaces, she began offering masks to clients.  Now our sole focus at this time is for our owner and operator to sew handmade face masks & ear savers for you and yours right in her very own home office in Orlando, Florida!

Water Goddess offers a variety of vibrant fabric selections/designs and we also offer solid color choices as well!  Asia, Water Goddess' owner and operator, redesigned the initial pattern she utilized for her face masks as she recognized the temperatures are getting warmer now that Spring is upon us and Summer is not far behind.  Her more sleek design is focused on covering exactly what needs to be covered and none of what is not... this way your skin is allowed to breathe and you are more likely to continue to feel comfortable wearing it as the seasons change.

**** The masks you see are some of our custom work and this listing will be updated for clients with a specific customized mask request.  For your own fully customized piece, please contact us for a consultation via our Instagram page for a design discussion and pricing phone call: @h2o.gds or via our "Contact" page.

Want to watch this mask be made?!  View below:

Each mask is dual layered with a woven cotton in a solid color serving as the lining for your mask and will have a white elastic cord as the head strap.

I recommend watching the below video to better understand the value of wearing a face mask and how it is a part of the solution in slowing the spread of COVID-19 in conjunction with maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet, hand hygiene, and keeping your hands out of your face, nose, and eyes:

We welcome you to send any inquiries you might have via the "Contact" page here on the site or, if you have Instagram, we invite you to inbox your questions to our page there via:

Thank you and stay well!