Water Goddess "Rules of the Road" Wicking T-Shirt

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Wear the Water Goddess "Rules of the Road" t-shirt while traveling, in large group settings, and allow it to serve as a conversation piece whenever you put it on for the day.

The more we at Water Goddess see how careless people are to the people, land, water, and culture while visiting breathtaking destinations, the more we find it necessary to speak out.  If you are traveling to a location where English is not the primary language, do some travel prep... attempt to learn greetings and common phrases.  In addition, should you be traveling to a country with distinct cultural traditions, educate yourself to avoid missteps and or even breaking the law with something nobody would bat an eye about here in the U.S.  

Lastly, be kind to the environment when you travel.  It is beyond disappointing to see single use plastic bottles, bottle caps, and cigarette butts within otherwise pristine sandy beaches.  Let the "Rules of the Road" shirt by Water Goddess serve to stand up for fostering positive relationships whether across zip codes or time zones.  Wear the "Rules of the Road" shirt to show you care how you show up as a global citizen... that you care about your impact as others should too.

  • 100% polyester wicking knit
  • Ladies' fit; Self-fabric V-neck collar
  • Set-in sleeves; Double-needle hemmed sleeves and bottom
  • Decoration type: Digital Print
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